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Edinburgh is home to world-class tech talent and leading tech companies, including two 'unicorns' - Skyscanner and Fanduel and the city was recently named Best European City for Technology Firms to Locate.

The tech sector in Edinburgh has grown rapidly over the last 10 years. The city is now home to a wide range of companies from major firms such as Amazon and Microsoft as well as home grown companies like Skyscanner, Fanduel and PureLifi. Many of these highly skilled workers are graduates from the city’s universities, including the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading School of Informatics.


Edinburgh tech scene in a nutshell:

  • Best European City for Technology Firms to Locate - European Business Magazine (2016/17)
  • Edinburgh has one of the highest concentrations of people working in tech in the UK with 25,109 people employed in digital companies.
  • Key sub sectors are EdTech, FinTech, and software development (Source: Tech Nation)
  • The University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics has produced more world-leading and internationally excellent research than any other university in the UK (Source: REF 2014 assessment for computer science and informatics)
  • There is a strong tech community. Edinburgh tech businesses are more likely to seek support from other members of their community than in any other cluster in the UK (Source: Tech Nation)

Edinburgh certainly doesn't offer the scale of London, New York or indeed the Valley. However, size isn't everything. All the factors that tech companies need to be successful can be found in the city, primarily because 'nerds and rich people' both want to live in Edinburgh. 

Over 100 leading tech companies

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Edinburgh is a relatively small city but it's home to lots of great tech companies.  Many of them were started in the city and are now competing on the world stage. One example being Skyscanner who have grown from a start-up to a 'unicorn' in 10 years. They now employ 500 people in offices around the world, including over 300 people in their Edinburgh HQ.

Lots of international firms have also been attracted to benefits Edinburgh offers tech companies. For example, Amazon selected Edinburgh as the location for their first Development Centre outside of North America ten years ago

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World leading university research

University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics

Edinburgh has three universities with Computing Science departments, the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University. Edinburgh University's School of Informatics is home to over 850 students and has more World Leading and Internationally Excellent Research than any other UK university. Students from over 70 countries are currently studying subjects such as Artificial Intelligence and Design Informatics.

More information on university research

Access to talent

The universities in Scotland are producing highly skilled graduates and many of them move to Edinburgh to find work. The universities in Edinburgh produce 1,200 graduates every year with computing related qualifications. 

In addition to employing graduates companies are recruiting people from across the world. Edinburgh is a vibrant city offering a very high quality of life. This helps companies attract the best employees.  

More information on Edinburgh's talented workforce.

We have over 35 different nationalities working for us at Skyscanner and many of them have made Edinburgh their home.

Gareth Williams, CEO and Co-Founder, Skyscanner

Well connected tech community

Edinburgh is a compact city with a closely-knit tech community. Companies benefit from access to a well developed investor network and a community of entrepreneurs. There are a whole host of tech events happening all the time and you can find them within the Open Tech Calendar. 

The close community helps to foster collaboration between researchers, start-ups and larger companies. They often use their cross discipline expertise to find solutions to complex problems. One example of the community working together is the creation of StartEDIN which was formed to promote the range of career opportunities available within Edinburgh. 

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