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Edinburgh is a growing capital city, with many major developments taking place. A number of these developments provide an unrivalled opportunity to add to the extensive range of accommodation that supports the city's rich, diverse, year-round appeal to business and leisure visitors.

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Edinburgh plays a vital role in the UK tourism economy and is the UK’s most popular tourist destination after London. The city achieves some of the highest hotel occupancy levels in Europe and some of the highest average daily room rates in the UK.

The capital city has a positive attitude towards hotel development. The City of Edinburgh Council’s development policies aim to promote sustainable economic development, taking full account of the need to protect and enhance environmental quality and to protect existing sites and premises that have value for Edinburgh’s economic functioning. 

This document, produced by The City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with Scottish Development International (SDI), highlights both the current strength of the tourism market in Scotland’s capital city and the potential for future hotel development.

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