For centuries, Edinburgh has inspired great minds to ask questions and push boundaries. New philosophies, scientific discoveries, and technologies have not only helped to improve our understanding of the world around us but have helped to shape that world.

Business Ecosystem Jan 2019

Innovation and collaboration

From Adam Smith publishing the foundation of modern economics in 1776; the development of the hypodermic syringe in 1853; Dolly the Sheep, the world’s first mammal cloned from an adult cell in 1996; to the development of the world’s most advanced prosthetic hand in 2009, Edinburgh has always been a pioneering city.  

That legacy thrives in contemporary Edinburgh’s attitudes towards innovation and collaboration. Today’s city is a both a magnet and launchpad for agile, high growth companies all focused on making their mark upon the world. 

A blend of access to talent, unmatched quality of life, an active angel investor community, widespread support for start-ups and a critical mass of career opportunities combine to create one of Europe’s most exciting entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

Edinburgh has a higher proportion of start-ups per 10,000 population than the UK average and in recent years, the city has scooped a host of awards for its ability to nurture and support start-ups. That support comes in many forms, from dedicated incubators such as CodeBase, the UK’s largest tech accelerator, to tailored mentoring and support services such as those provided by Entrepreneurial Spark and Edinburgh Business Gateway

I believe Edinburgh has one of the strongest entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe. The city has the second highest rate of scale-up firms and it has the highest number of technology and IP-based companies at scale-up in the country.

Ben Spigel, Chancellor's Fellow and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Edinburgh

Connecting innovators and investors

At the heart of Edinburgh’s unique start-up success story is collaboration. Entrepreneurs in Edinburgh talk to one another, trust one another and learn from one another. Formal and informal networks have developed enabling businesses to share knowledge and advice across all sectors. 

Several key investor showcase events now take place regularly throughout the city, some formally organised through third party entrepreneurial support organisations, while others are created by the entrepreneurs themselves, enabling investors to meet several high growth, exciting businesses in one place, on the same day.


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