Digital Connectivity

The installation of a 150km fibre optic network across Scotland’s capital has established Edinburgh as the UK’s largest Gigabit City. But unlike other gigabit networks, Edinburgh’s ultra-fast fibre optic infrastructure criss-crosses the whole city.

Edinburgh’s full-fibre network spans most of the city and is within reach of over 9,000 businesses.

Free public WiFi

As an international centre for science, technology and financial services, Edinburgh offers an excellent choice of high bandwidth networks. 

For visitors and residents alike, the installation of the UK’s largest Gigabit network has also paved the way for the introduction of free public WiFi across the city centre. The launch of the WiFi network is the final piece in the Council’s Connected Capital Programme, designed to make Edinburgh one of the best-connected cities in Britain.

Residents and visitors are already benefitting from free WiFi on public transport, as well as WiFi hotspots across 70 public buildings.

Today’s city-wide fibre network began life in 2014 and The City of Edinburgh Council identified an opportunity to expand that plan, connecting school, library and Council-run sites to the new fibre network. 

Transforming education

Since the end of 2016, every primary and secondary school, library and all Council-run sites have been connected to Edinburgh’s fibre network, delivering the fastest school estate in the UK and paving the way for the digital classroom of the future.

As a service user, the Council is seeking to use the new network to unlock a range of social improvements, including increased access to ultra-fast broadband for those on lower incomes, as well as upgrading CCTV networks around the city.

Ultrafast broadband

Edinburgh was also one of the first cities in the UK to access BT’s ultrafast broadband network, delivering speeds of up to 330Mbps (and up to 1Gbps in some areas).

There is a healthy choice of critical data centres within 25 kilometres of the city centre, with readily available high capacity power supplies. Diverse transatlantic network routes provide the same connection speeds between Edinburgh and New York as between any other European city and the Eastern Seaboard. 


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