• Turing Fest 2018

    Starts: 01 August Ends: 02 August

    Come to Edinburgh to connect and learn with 2,000 of the smartest people working in tech today, at Turing Fest 2018. Read More

  • Scottish EUDC 2018

    Starts: 05 August Ends: 11 August

    The first edition of the European University Debating Championships took place in Rotterdam, in 1999. Back then, debating was a very different activity and just 32 teams participated. The Scottish EUDC 2018, over seven times larger, will be the twentieth edition of Euros. Read More

  • Scotland's Mid-Market Businesses Annual Conference

    Starts: 29 August Ends: 29 August

    This conference focuses on the importance of Scotland's mid-market businesses to our future economic competitiveness. It discusses how practical support can be delivered and the obstacles which need to be overcome to support growth. Read More