Best city in Scotland to start an SME

Published: 21 January 2019

Edinburgh is top in Scotland to start an SME, according to new research.

The research concludes that Edinburgh's history and culture as well as the International Festival and the Fringe, have made it the UK's second most popular city break.

It also says that scientific research, higher education and financial services also account for a significant proportion of the city's local economy.

The study found that the city's five-year start-up survival rate is 42.9 per cent of businesses while the average weekly pay for full-time workers is £613.30 and the average monthly cost to rent a one-bed city centre apartment: £763.63.

The population of the city is 464,990 with 272,000 employed adults. It gives the money available for spending at £166,817,000. It has seen growth in its communications, biosciences, healthcare, retail, finance and creative industries...

Full story via Insider News


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