DYSIS Medical Raises £18 Million

Published: 11 July 2018

DYSIS Medical Ltd, the developer of the innovative DYSIS Ultra colposcope used in cervical cancer screening, has announced the completion of an £18 million ($25 million) investment.

Within the past year, DYSIS Medical has made significant strides and achieved key milestones including the launch of the latest generation device (DYSIS Ultra), the publication of updated guidance recommending the adoption of DYSIS by the NHS, and the publication of compelling US clinical data.

We greatly value our partnership with Lundbeckfonden Ventures...we continue our objective of saving lives by making DYSIS the new standard for colposcopy.

Alastair Atkinson, CEO, DYSIS Medical


The US trial was the most extensive evaluation of colposcopy ever performed comprising 7,555 patients recruited across 45 clinics. The results published in clinical journals show that DYSIS detected in excess of 40% more women with cervical disease requiring treatment, who would have been missed by conventional methods.

Lundbeckfonden Ventures Senior Partner Casper Breum said that the significant unmet medical need and the team’s impressive effort to develop the new DYSIS Ultra device helped to pave the way for this financing: “We recognize the momentum the company is achieving globally and we are delighted to continue our involvement with DYSIS to improve women’s healthcare and cervical cancer screening.”

Worldwide, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women with over half a million incidences reported each year, resulting in around a quarter of million deaths. However, if identified at the precancerous stage, lesions can be successfully treated before they develop into cancer. 

The company is committed to saving lives through the early detection and diagnosis of disease using biophotonic innovations...

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