Edinburgh best city in the UK for coworking

Published: 03 November 2017

Edinburgh has been named as the UK’s leading city for coworking , according to a study from MoneySuperMarket.

The firm analysed 18 cities across the UK against key factors, such as the cost per workstation, business insurance and the number of office spaces available, to see which cities are deemed the most desirable places to co-work.

The research found Edinburgh to be the best city for coworking spaces, due to its competitive coworking prices, broadband speeds and low number of insurance claims.

Brighton and Hove on the other hand ranked last, due to the limited and costly desk space. Although London has the highest number of coworking spaces, the high costs of working in London ensured it finished near the bottom of the list based on the criteria used in the study...

Full story via Workplace Insight news


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