Edinburgh one of O2's first 5G cities

Published: 25 February 2019

Edinburgh has been named as one of four UK cities which will be the first to receive O2's 5G network this year.

The Scottish capital joins London, Cardiff and Belfast, while other areas of the UK will see the roll-out from 2020 "to coincide with the wider availability of 5G handsets", the firm said.

O2’s 5G network will arrive this year...5G will benefit customers from launch, with better speeds and improved customer experience...

Mark Evans, Chief Executive, Telefonica UK


Mark Evans, chief executive of O2's owner Telefónica UK, said that it will link up with firms and work to build a "5G economy" in coalition with industry, making the case for 5G in the UK and exploring the possibilities of the technology.

He added: "Mobile is one of the UK’s most powerful opportunities to strengthen our economy and improve the lives of British people and 5G is a significant milestone for this nation...”

Full story via The Herald News


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