Faraday Grid unveils pioneering technology

Published: 14 December 2017

A systems design company that set up its global headquarters in Edinburgh earlier this year has unveiled the prototype of technology it says has vast potential for the energy sector, particularly around renewables.

Faraday Grid held a live demonstration of its Faraday Exchanger at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, with more than 100 energy sector specialists, academics and investors from around the world attending.

We have technology that allows the world to have clean, cheap energy, and that’s just the most extraordinary massive breakthrough.

Andrew Scobie, Executive Chairman, Faraday Grid


Faraday said the Exchanger “smooths the volatile electricity flows of renewable energy”, enabling the integration of much higher levels of this type of energy onto the grid at no extra cost.

The firm added that the Exchanger addresses the volatility involved in renewable energy by regulating electricity voltage, power factor and frequency in a single device that integrates into existing electricity networks...

Full story via Scotsman news


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