Film studio wins formal backing from Scottish government

Published: 27 December 2017

Planning permission for Scotland's first purpose-built film and TV studio in Midlothian has been formally granted by Scottish ministers. Pentland Studios will be built at Straiton, near Edinburgh.

It is understood the studio could be operational by the end of next year. The studio, which will feature six huge sound stages, will be built on about 100 acres of greenbelt land at Old Pentland Farm. It is said up to 1,600 jobs could be created by the project.

We are extremely pleased to have reached this major milestone...We particularly want to thank those who have supported the project throughout the past three years...

Jim O'Donnell, Director of Development, PSL


It will be built in phases and will eventually also feature two backlots, a hotel, visitor centre, film academy, energy centre, workshops and a creative industries hub as well as the film and TV studio.

A Scottish government spokeswoman said: "Ministers welcome the potential for significant socio-economic benefits on a local and national scale through job creation and economic development. The Scottish government is committed to seizing the opportunities available in film and television by significantly increasing investment and streamlining public sector support..."

Full story via BBC News


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