Start-up gets backing from Techstart Ventures

Published: 06 September 2019

Flexible workspace start-up Desana has completed a £550,000 funding seed round with investor Techstart Ventures.

The Edinburgh-based startup is said to be the first to give monthly subscribers access to a UK-wide network of offices to use whenever they need it.

In the last decade, huge technological advancements mean that a notable portion of the global population only require a laptop and wifi to work...

Michael Cockburn, Co-founder, Desana


It will targets co-workers and professionals who regularly work remotely but don't want to work from home. In May this year it secured a £550,000 seed round with Techstart Ventures and established its London team the following month.

It says it offers mobile workers the chance to connect with like-minded people and its long-term ambition is to help people optimise the use of workspace through smart systems that offer unoccupied space whenever it becomes available.

TechStart Ventures' Mark Hogarth said: “The upcoming launch of the Desana platform is just a first step towards enabling a radical change in how organisations and people interact with their workplaces...”

Full story via Insider News


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