Contractor sought for major residential block refurbishment

A concept image of Oxcars House in Edinburgh post-refurbishment.

The project will radically transform the buildings' exteriors.

The City of Edinburgh Council has published a Prior Information Notice for the external refurbishment of two neighbouring residential tower blocks in the Muirhouse neighbourhood of Edinburgh: Inchmikery Court and Oxcars Court.

The projects entails creating a new building envelope 1.5 metres outwith the existing building frames, increasing insulation and air tightness while also introducing purpose-built service routing. The project is intended to improve the buildings' Energy Performance Certificate ratings to 'B'.

The estimated cost of the works is £25 million to £30 million.

The Prior Information Notice gives interested parties the opportunity to shape the procurement strategy and gain insight into the project. Parties are invited to complete a market research questionnaire by 2 June 2023.

Further information can be found here.

Published: 18th May 2023