Forth Green Freeport

The logo of the Forth Green Freeport project.

A Green Freeport is a zoned area within which operators and businesses can access tax benefits and other incentives. The objectives of Green Freeports are:

  • Promoting regeneration and high-quality job creation
  • Promoting decarbonisation and a just transition to a net zero economy
  • Establishing hubs for global trade and investment
  • Fostering an innovative environment

The Forth Green Freeport is one of two Green Freeports in Scotland. It spans a 45 kilometre (28 mile) wide site in the Forth Estuary that encompasses Edinburgh, Falkirk, and Fife. Within the Forth Green Freeport, there are three "tax sites" (Grangemouth, Leith & Burntisland, and Rosyth) and five "customs sites" (Burntisland, Edinburgh Airport, Grangemouth, Leith, and Rosyth).

Businesses investing in the tax sites can potentially access the following tax benefits:

Businesses investing in the custom sites can access incentives such as:

  • Duty suspension
  • Duty flexibility
  • Duty exemption for re-exports
  • Simplified import declarations

You can find out more about the Forth Green Freeport here.