Edinburgh's Consular Corps

As a city with ever increasing international connections, Edinburgh is well served by its longstanding and growing Consular Corps.

With the majority of members hosted in the city, today the Consular Corps represents some 60 international delegations and organisations, including 53 countries. The Consular base in the city serves the interests of all accredited Consular offices, including career diplomats, honorary consuls and the directors of international and cultural institutions.

The Consular Corps plays an active role in the city and ensures a steady stream of international delegations and international media coverage for the city and Scotland as a whole.

Closely linked to the foreign embassy base in London, the city welcomes many Ambassadorial teams, often with the provision of a tailored programme of meetings and visits. Ambassadorial groupings, such as the Arab Ambassadors and the ASEAN Ambassadors have visited on a collective basis.

As the city’s flight routes continue to expand and develop, Consular representation continues to grow. The city’s international diplomatic base weaves into city life through projects and events in the educational, cultural and economic spheres.

Alongside the city’s Festivals, universities, professional and business base, Consulates play a key role in supporting the city’s trade and inward investment activities.


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